Roller Replacement:

• We carry The 860 Stainless Steel Swiss Bearing Rollers. The 860 Swiss Bearing Rollers are in a class by themselves. If you want the best there is, this is it. The 860’s ball bearings are much lighter, harder, stronger, and longer lasting than any other roller on the market. A superior quality sealed bearing maintenance free roller using higher quality steel, better quality and grade ball bearings, and a superior surface finish. When Compared to standard rollers.  Faster, Quieter, Smoother, Longer Lasting 860’s use a black protectant and a laser engraving to differentiate themselves from standard rollers.

Sliding Glass Door Rail Replacement:

• We can replace all metal excursions


• Reseal will prevent leakage

Weather Stripping:

• All original sizes and styles

Locks and Handles:

• Original locks and pull handles
• Repair & Replacement

Glass Replacement:

• We carry all standard and custom sizes and styles, including low E glass

Low E Glass:

• Increases center glass surface temperature in winter = Comfortable, consistently cozy rooms
• Reduces solar heat gain another 34 percent , Low-E glass = Keeps your house cooler in the summer
• Provides up to 95 percent ultraviolet light blockage = Additional protection from UV-A and UV-B rays for your fabrics and other furnishings

Security Locks:

• We carry a large variety of quality security locks

New Screen Doors and Window Screens:

• All sizes and original framing


• Screen doors
• Patio in closers
• Window screens

Window Repair:

• Balance springs
• Horizontal rollers
• Locks
• Glass replacement
• Security locks
• Beading
• Frame restoration
• Reseal